Having started its commercial activities in the generator sector in 1988, Altaş has gained its expertise by successfully proceeding in each stage of the industry. Altaş Generator started commercial activities with an atelier initially, and over time the company has developed production and export capacities and started the current factory production.

As of 2018, it has become a company exporting to 35 different countries worldwide and continues develop through activities.

Global DNA:
Altaş Generator procures all components (motor, alternator, controller and cubicle), comprising the generator set from national and international suppliers to form and sell a wide range of products.

Specialist - Engineer:
Thanks to the engineering knowledge it has, Altaş Generator provides technical consultancy, assists projects through feasibility works and adopts product design in accordance with the needs of each project. In this sense, it has a flexible production network with standard products as well as special project solutions. Through its engineers and specialists and improving production capacity, we provide services to all local and global clients requiring generator.

With the quality certificates in global and local markets, exports made to 35 countries (Balkans, Middle-East, Russia, Europe, Africa, Turkic Republics in particular) and the extensive sales and service network developed throughout the country, Altaş Generator is involved in important projects and provides a customer satisfaction oriented service.

Customer Orientation:
The most important factor behind Altaş Generator’s rapid development in the industry is the experienced staff reaching quick solutions for client needs to ensure their satisfaction.
Altaş Generator is developing ever more special products and all types of projects for the sector through an extensive sales network and detailed knowledge of the market. Having established a close relationship with the clients since the first day, Altaş is emphasizing the unique aspects of each market, anticipates all needs, and is one step ahead in reaching solutions.

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