In the center of our logo, you will see Letter A which is the first letter of our alphabet and company name. The revolving arrow around A symbolizes energy recycling, innovation and development while the uninterrupted transitions over our name symbolize “uninterrupted energy”.

While our logo gets its idea from factors like transformation, current and dynamism, it finds its dynamism in Energy.

‘‘Run for more…’’

All brands are intended to meet their customers' expectations, improving the service or product area depending on their customers' demands. They conduct researches, receive feedbacks, renew itself and keeps growing in their fields of business.

We, as AltaşJeneratör (Altas Generator), desire to achieve much more with a proactive approach, going beyond the expectations of our customers in the changing and digitalizing world conditions where our responsibilities continuously increase. Embracing our objectives with our increased enthusiasm and passion, 'we work for more.'

We believe in the fact that not only we but our country and then the entire world need an uninterruptible energy. Incorporating this enthusiasm into our slogan, we make a call to the whole human being: Come for creating added value by extending objectives with an innovative understanding; let's work for more and walk towards together with uninterrupted energy and firm steps.

You worth more, we work more.

Altaş Portable Oil Generator provides more effect with less effort thanks to its long-lasting structure. It is delivered anywhere ready to use, as you can move easily due to its easy installation, fuel-efficiency and reliable structure.

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