About Us About Us

Altaş Jeneratör continues to be the driving power behind hundreds of institutions and successful businesses in over 75 countries since its inception until today. We provide dependable services at European and world standards through our powerful cooperation with globally renowned Turkish and international generator engine and alternator suppliers.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, asset and principle. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, asset and principle.

Our strength comes from our team of engineers comprised of professionals with top expertise in their individual fields. We move forward with the strength of knowledge-how, creating customized solutions for all the different tasks we carry out.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, asset and principle. We take pride in assisting our clients in reaching their goals with confidence and determination while enabling them to attain their full potential. We remain in close contact with our clients through our extensive sales network and our representatives who are always up to date with the global generator market.


The Power of Vision The Power of Vision

The journey of diligence beginning in 1988, continues today with the added strength of experience. Our operations that started out in a small workshop have transformed into a global brand with exports all around the world and we take pride in working relentlessly for the future.

The story of powering successful projects from our first workshop in Karaköy, Istanbul continues to grow as Altaş Jeneratör with our young, dynamic and visionary team. This inspiration and know-how has been passed down from generation to generation as the power of determination to strive for new heights.

Karaköy Sales Office

Our first sales office in Karaköy, Istanbul.

Founding of İstanbul Altaş Makine

Official founding of our company as İstanbul Altaş Makine.

Workshop Production

Moving on to workshop production in Kartal, Istanbul.

First Factory in Sultanbeyli

Expanding from workshop production to our first factory in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul.

Founding of Altaş Jeneratör

Updating our brand name to Altaş Jeneratör.

Starting Generator Exports

Going global with our first exports.

Second Factory in Gebze

Expanding our strength further with our second factory in Gebze, Istanbul.

Third Factory in Ankara

Making a mark with our third factory in Ankara