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Super Silent Generator Canopy Design Super Silent Generator Canopy Design

The Power of Design

High performance generators that are required to run uninterruptedly can create excess noise that can be disturbing in public spaces. Thus it is of utmost importance to reduce noise to protect comfort and peace of mind in living spaces.

At Altaş Jeneratör we provide sound-proofing with specially designed canopies to reduce excess noise created by the operation of the generator engines.

We power your business while creating a quiet work environment.

Customized adjustable locking systems


Corrosion-resistant galvanized metal


Special design noise disruptors adjustable for decibel levels


Ergonomic air suction channels


European standard sound insulation


Fire-proof sound insulation foams


Canopy lifting apparatus for simplified crane loading


Special chassis production with corrosion-resistant galvanized metal


What is a Super Silent Generator Cabin?

A super silent generator cabin is a type of cabin specially designed for industrial or commercial use. This type of cabin is designed to reduce the noise generated during the operation of the generator. It is called super silent because it significantly reduces the noise level generated during the operation of the generator.

These types of generator cabins are usually constructed using insulation materials, materials with vibration-absorbing properties, and special sound-absorbing equipment. This minimizes the noise emitted to the outside while the generator is running, causing less disturbance to the environment and improving working or living conditions indoors. Such cabins are commonly used in places like hospitals, hotels, residential areas, business centers and similar locations.

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