Altaş Jeneratör continues to be the driving power behind hundreds of institutions and successful businesses in over 75 countries since its inception until today. We provide dependable services at European and world standards through our powerful cooperation with globally renowned Turkish and international generator engine and alternator suppliers.

Güçlü İş Birliği

Powerful Cooperation Powerful Cooperation

We procure all the required components for our generator sets through a long-lasting cooperation with global giant brands of the sector. We provide the most efficient generator solutions with our renowned global partners for critical generator components such as engines, alternators and control panels.

We consider the success of people and institutions that we serve as an indication of our strength. We develop lasting cooperation through joining forces to aim high in a framework of mutual trust.


Powerful Delivery Powerful Delivery

We provide proactive services through our organization based on our extensive sales network, our detailed market research and our capabilities in keeping up with the latest technology.

We keep a solid inventory of engines and alternators at all times through our powerful ties with our globally renowned partners. Our well-stocked inventory enables us to provide faster solutions above market standards for diesel generator requirements. Our robust logistics network allows us to procure necessary spare parts without problems and delays for mobile generators and large capacity generators.

Güçlü Teslimat

Powerful Experience Powerful Experience

We continue to grow as a brand from our beginnings in 1998 as a commercial endeavor, crowning our success with our awards and quality certificates.

The importance of close customer relations is one of the prominent values that we uphold since our early days of service from a small workshop. We understand that our core strength lies in gaining trust and we strive to provide optimal solutions for varying customer needs.

Attention to detail in the early workshop days has given us the experience to become a leading generator manufacturer in Turkey with the strength to provide power all over the world.

Powerful Competance Powerful Competance

We always keep one step ahead of changing dynamics and market conditions, which gives us the advantage to meet customer requirements with a competitive pricing policy.

Our advanced operational capabilities enable us to provide cost-effective conditions for the diesel generators we produce at EU standards. We continue to develop our operational efficiency to increase our competitive edge among generator manufacturers.

Güçlü Projeler

Powerful Projects Powerful Projects

We create distinct solutions for tailor-made projects with our world-class products and our skilled teams that have advanced experience in the sector.

We continue to build on the experience of customized projects in 5 continents and over 75 countries that all require different approaches coupled with our aim for impeccable customer satisfaction.


Powerful Vision Powerful Vision

The steps we have taken in line with our wide vision has enabled us to provide services with exports to over 75 countries and 100% customer satisfaction. 

We stand in the light against the darkness, we don’t stop even when we’re tired and we continue to work with commitment. We never forget that companies are driven by people with big dreams and we support them to achieve their goals. 

Güçlü İnsan Kaynağı

Powerful Human Resources Powerful Human Resources

Our human resources are our biggest asset and we work with a team that has an extensive engineering and technical knowledge base.

Our employees are the driving force behind Altaş Jeneratör and we work tirelessly 24/7 to power your business from the first phase of a project until the end of our service agreement.