Secondhand Generators Secondhand Generators

The Power of Solution

We offer our customers the option of our low-priced range of used generators, revised and controlled by our expert team of engineers and technicians.

There are important advantages in renting or buying revised generators for your short-term or periodic projects. These are ready-made units so the time between ordering and installing is quite short. The revised generators are tested and passed by expert teams and come with a guarantee of quality.


Secondhand Generator Rental

We provide rental solutions for generator requests in shorter-term projects such as construction, infrastructure works, events and festive organizations.

Purchasing Revised Generators

For longer-term projects with limited budgets, Altaş Jeneratör also offers the opportunity to purchase revised generators in different output ranges to cover all needs under Altaş Jeneratör warranty.

Buying and Renting Second Hand Generators

Second-hand generators can be a suitable and economical option to meet electricity needs. However, there are several factors to consider before buying or renting a second-hand generator. These factors include:

Prices and Budget: Second-hand generators are usually offered at more affordable prices compared to new generators. This may be a more budget-friendly option for you. However, the prices of second-hand generators can vary depending on factors such as the brand, model, age, and condition of the generator.

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