Our Policies Our Policies

The Power of Transparency

Our policy documents are our guarantee to our partners, our employees, the public and the environment. We build a trustworthy relationship with every group that we touch based on the power of transparency.

Focus on customer satisfaction and expectations,
Follow the latest technology and manufacture top-quality products with an innovative approach,
Stand out as a leader in the sector by creating novel products and developing our engineering capabilities,
To attain a participatory and pluralistic management approach in our company and to encourage leadership and employee participation in all our processes,
Create a healthy and safe work environment while investing in workplace health and safety,
Advance by bettering ourselves through HSE training; ascertaining workplace dangers, risks and close-calls to eliminate potential problems,
Provide the necessary communication channels to determine the requirements and expectations of our employees and involved parties in terms of HSE,
To closely adhere to our legal and other commitments for our HSE responsibilities in all our areas of operation , new investments and existing operations,
Ensure that all our employees operate in an environmentally conscious manner , do our part to contribute to waste recycling, and to improve ourselves in reducing waste while making the necessary investments in this respect,
Meticulously plan for potential emergency situations and to take proactive precautions,
Adhere closely to national and international legal stipulations and other responsibilities,
Continue to develop, implement and carry out effective quality management systems in all company processes, in order to provide sustainable services at the highest international standards.