Initial Operation Initial Operation

The Power of Expertise

Having determined all your requirements, the correct power range and the ideal location, we quickly source your generator and install it in your facility. In order to ensure efficient operation of the generator, our authorized service technicians carry out the first run of the equipment.

Our customers are advised to avoid any operation by unauthorized people because they may cause the warranty to expire, not to mention that they may cause a drop in performance, which is guaranteed when initial operation of equipment is carried out by our authorized technicians.

After the initial run, we follow through with consultancy services when requested to ensure that your power is uninterrupted.
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How to Start a Generator?

Generators are vital tools used to meet electricity needs. However, it is important to start and operate a generator correctly. Here are the steps to start and operate a generator:

Initial Checks: The first step is to perform the initial checks of your generator. These checks ensure that your generator operates safely and efficiently. During the initial check, inspect the fuel level, oil level and other important components of your generator.

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