Synchronized Projects Synchronized Projects

The Power of Synergy

Some of your projects may require high kVA range power and we provide the needed energy with synchronized systems. Synchronized Projects where one or more generators operate on the same grid as other networks or generators, provide many advantages in comparison to a single generator with the same output range:

Our team of engineers help you build the optimal synchronization system for different types of project demands; while initial running of the generator is carried out on location by our expert technical teams or our authorized service dealers.

We build our generators for long-life and high-performance with a a promise of customer satisfaction, using global leading brands for switches and control panels in the power and command points for synchronized systems.

Synchronized Project Operation Methods Synchronized Project Operation Methods

Each project has different requirements and respective application methods for synchronized generator systems:

After our engineers determine the energy requirements, we get together with our customers to decide on the ideal synchronized system solution to meet the power needed.

Synchronized Generator Systems

Synchronization in generators refers to aligning multiple generators either amongst themselves or with an electrical grid to operate at the same electrical frequency and phase angle. Synchronization is necessary to combine the electrical powers of generators to create a larger power source or to supply power to the primary electrical grid.

Synchronizing generators involves matching the speeds and phase angles of generators to ensure they operate at the same frequency. This process involves connecting the generators in parallel and correctly sharing the electrical load. The synchronization process prevents electrical disparities between generators and ensures a safe and stable power distribution.

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