Big Transformation at Altaş Generator

Altaş Generator which has been active in generator sector since 1988 has accomplished a record growth in the last year. The company which is currently exporting to 35 countries is continuing to renew itself completely as it enters the major league. The brand identity, website, company logo of Altaş Generator which operates with “Run for more” vision in this new period, have been redesigned to reflect the Brand’s dynamism and will to work for more .

Having acquired a fast growth tendency globally with the breakthroughs achieved in the last year, Altaş Generator supports this fast transformation with its renewed organizational face. Altaş Generator which has accomplished many changes in 2018 such as; variety of products and services, steps to improve customer satisfaction and new export destinations, reflects its will and determination to present more with the new brand identity.

Altaş Generator which is experiencing a 360 degrees change with the website, logo and brand identity is moving forward to become a world brand with its still growing structure.

In the renewed logo of Altaş Generator, there is a revolving arrow around the first letter of company name “A” with its revolving this arrow represents energy conversion, change and improvement. This arrow being integrated with the letter and continuous represents “uninterrupted energy”.

“Run for more” motto which is developed in regards to the brand’s vision in this time of transformation reflects its will to work for more with growing enthusiasm and passion and the wish to achieve more with a proactive approach which goes beyond the expectations of its customers in this digitalized world. With this slogan, in order to create additional value Altaş is calling all humanity to walk together with an innovative mentality for more.

Main artery of Economy “Uninterrupted Energy” and more……

In the changing and digitalized global conditions, energy blackouts have huge impacts on corporate activities and state economy, especially in sectors such as; health, finance, telecommunication and food, continuous flow of energy becomes more crucial. Altaş Generator, believing that uninterrupted energy and uninterrupted productions are the main arteries of a country’s economy, provides uninterrupted energy to many markets over the globe especially in Balkans, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and Turkic Republics, with 76 brands in 35 countries. Altaş Generator is always working for more to ensure the continuity of production and life comfort. The company which has given a new impulse to the generator sector, with its renewed vision and identity, is preparing for sector transforming breakthroughs.

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About Altaş Generator

Altaş Generator which has started its commercial activities with a workshop mentality in 1988 is continuing its enterprises besides domestic sales as an exporting company to especially in Balkans, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and Turkic Republics, with 76 brands in 35 countries, with its progressive production capabilities in the factory at Ankara/Sincan.
Altaş which produces its own generators by acquiring the generator set components such as; engine, alternator, controller and casing from world famous domestic and foreign vendors, has a very wide product spectrum. The company which provides technical consultancy, with the customer focused approach, supports projects with feasibility works and product designs are tailored according to the specific requirements of each project.