Location and Power Reconnaissance

First of all Altaş Generator makes a reconnaissance of location and power demand in order to efficiently meet your projects’ needs. Before choosing the generator, our expert team calculates the proper energy need by an exploratory work and decides the most appropriate location for the generator to give maximum benefit for your project.

Standard or Special Products according to your requirements

We present you diesel generator sets which can be found in our product range; with or without cabin, from 10kVA to 2500kVA, with a choice of motors and alternators compliant with your projects thanks to our partnership with Global brands. In addition to standard products, thanks to our experienced expert engineer team, we provide exclusive solutions to meet different requirements of projects too.

Special Projects
Standard generators do not suffice in some projects and special solutions are required for additional needs and different demands.

AltaşJeneratör with qualified engineers and projection team develops different solutions for the unique energy need and design each project. Our experienced and well qualified team of engineers provide special services with technical drawings in many details such as special equipment selection and special chassis, canopy design, that conform to both national and international mechanic and electronic parameters.

• Special power, noise level projection
• Special canopy and chassis dimension projection
• Special fuel tank production
• Seismic solutions
• Special canopy paint application
• Special exhaust systems
• Special noise isolation
• Special synchronization and control system
• Generators with special frequency and voltage
• Distant monitoring and control systems
• Synchronization Projects

Synchronization Projects

SYNCHRONIC (adj) means “happening at the same time” Synchronize (v) means “to make things happen at the same time”

Generator synchronization is simply to operate multiple generators at the same time as one source of power.

The basic feature of generator synchronization systems is to enable generators to work on the same load line and share load with other generators or Grid line

We are using synchronization systems to provide special solutions to energy projects requiring high power. Consisting of multiple generators merged in joint bars for your high kVA demands, these systems provide many advantages when compared to a single generator with the same power;
Low initial investment budget means low cost in purchasing
Low cost in service and maintenance
Low cost in spare parts
Fuel save through flexible use
Service and maintenance easiness
Simple delivery and spare part acquirement

Fields of Application
Constant supply through a single generator,
Constant supply through synchronized generators,
Supply through synchronized generators backing up grid power,
Parallel operation of grid through single or synchronized generators

Our field expert crew can produce flexible solutions during project development and improvement phases according to our customers’ requirements. At the beginning the necessary quantity and power of the generator set is defined and the appropriate scenario is decided according to which the synchronization system is applied.

Depending on their intended use, generator synchro systems can be categorized as uninterrupted synchronization, power back-up and failure back-up synchro. And depending on the project details, it can be divided into two when going back to grid power, interrupted or uninterrupted (soft transition).

Is there a limit for amount of generators in synchronization scenario? You can limit the amount of generators by defining a ratio between the maximum energy requirement and average requirement. The aim of this limitation is saving and acquiring high efficiency.

First Start

Altaş Generator provides first start service for the safe operation, long lasting high performance of generator sets. With this service, consultancy is provided according to the spefications of the project and demands of the custome enabling the generators to operate in best possible way.

Generator Maintenance and Periodical Checks

Generators must be subject to periodical checks and maintained in order to ensure long lasting high performance and to avoid malfunctions which can be stemming from within or without the generator sets.

In Altaş Generators, we ask our customers to make use of our Periodical Check and Maintenance Services after purchasing generators from us. Our authorized service dealers are available for maximum performance, safe and long lasting use. While Alsaş Generators are responsible for all these services within the Warranty period, for the generator sets which are not in warranty or generators of different brands, we provide expert support after signing Periodical Check and Maintenance contracts.

7/24 Emergency & Malfunction Support

In possible malfunction cases of our generators, we provide service to our customers finding the fastest and most effective solution thanks to our expert team. We strive to minimize your energy loss with our 7/24 available expert teams.

Spare Parts

The troubles must be rectified very quickly in order for the generators to operate efficiently and perform for long time. Altaş Generator meets the spare part demands from the customers in the fastest way, with the wide range of spare parts that it keeps in the stock all the time. All spare parts are replaced for free within the Warranty period, for the generator sets which are not in warranty or generators of different brands you can contact our authorized dealers.

Second Hand Rental

Thoroughly checked and maintained by expert producing crew and technical team, ready to use Altaş 2nd Hand Generators are available with reasonable prices and different options both for rental and purchase.
Diesel Generator Sets
Container type Generator sets
Special Cabin Designed Generator sets
Portable Diesel and gasoline generators

In some projects short term energy sources maybe needed rather than a permanent energy source. For instance; in construction sites or infrastructure works, long time but not permanent energy sources are needed, while in events or organizations short term energy sources are preferred. Or a generator can be required as a temporary and economical solution during an electricity shortage.

Altaş generator provides rental service with generators of different output that can meet any kind of demand for long or short term operational needs. Rental service provides fast, practical and economical solutions to our customers.

Finding an economical solution for your low budget investment plans can be faster than purchasing a new generator. Ready to use Altaş 2nd Hand generators of various type and output capacity, which have been checked and maintained properly, bring solutions to all kind of customer requirements with low budget.

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